Friday, November 6, 2009

Colorado Solar Road Lighting Tests

Lightspeed Road Solar is making solid progress in Colorado with its snow plowable, in-road solar LED lighting.

We have signed agreements with two private highways to install test decks of our SV02 model as soon as possible.

After successfully completing snow plow testing last month, we have made a minor design change to the cast iron housing of the SV02 and product will be ready to install within the next few weeks.

We are seeing strong interest from public works managers and street managers in two particular areas: 1) Reducing ROR (Run Off Road) accidents and 2) Supplementing or displacing overhead road lighting.

Run off road accidents are the most frequent cause of crashes on the nations roadways, especially at horizontal curves. Placing street lights or other poles along the roadway only increases the severity of these accidents.

I'll post some photos and video of the snow plow testing soon.